Top 10 Technology Trends for 2016

If you think about what you did in the last twenty four hours, chances are that you will be able to recall that you were continuously connected to apps, devices and the internet. Now that our lives are completely dependent on our devices, it is required that new technology evolves which aids digital advancement.

Let’s have a look at this year’s top technology trends!

Device mesh

Moving beyond mobiles and desktops, the Device Mesh encompasses the wide spectrum of endpoints which humans may interact with. With the evolution of this technology, it is foreseen that connection  models will expand, plus there will more interaction between various devices. This foretells major improvement in virtual reality and associated wearables.

Ambient digital experience

With the synchronization of our digital interactions, we will be able witness an ambient technology experience across time and space. This digital experience will amalgamate electronic environments with the virtual and the physical worlds.

3D printing

Advancement in 3d printing technology will continue and newer materials such as carbon fiber glass, nickel alloys, glass, etc., will be introduced. With the recent advancements in this technology, it will be possible to mix myriad materials together.


The digital mesh that surrounds us is producing large amounts of information. By learning to identify the strategic information and leveraging it for business, it will be possible to build innovative business designs.

Machine Learning

The ability of a machine to learn from its environment and understand is known as machine learning. This particular field of technology has evolved at a quick pace and is deemed to give businesses an advantage in the competitive world.

Autonomous devices

Machine learning has given rise to a spectrum of autonomous devices or smart machines that include vehicles, robots, personal assistants and advisors. These smart machines give the users an ambient experience.

Adaptive security technology

The complexity of digital technology when combined with the rise in hacking industry gives rise to a number of threats faced by businesses. The detection and remediation of such vulnerabilities through adaptive technology will be a major trend this year.

System architecture

Smart machines and the digital mesh that surrounds them make it imperative that an organization makes use of a robust computing architecture. This is where neuromorphic architectures come into play.

Mesh App

Through service architecture the mesh app will be able to deliver apps to the dynamic digital mesh environment. It will cater to user requirements with the change of time.

 IoT platforms

Existing behind service architecture and mesh app, the Internet of Things platform manages and secures the endpoints.

With those top 10 technology trends, we foresee a dynamic improvement in the way technology improves our lives!

When we discuss about computer technologies, we are always left behind by the fast progress and rapid developments that are present in this industry. Could you imagine nowadays your life without computer technologies? We are sure that for most of you, this will be like a nightmare. Due to this, computer technologies are nowadays present in every domain of our society.

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